Classic | Unique | Spacious

Its timeless design comes with multi-functional features. It consists of a 6 speed DCT automatic gearbox that intelligently switches gear. The multi-gear technology matches the engine speed, and a smooth shift that provides stable driving control. This 7-seater SUV has an adjustable backrest in the second row, and foldable and removable rear seats in the third row which has a multi-level storage space. This is the dream vehicle for families that are frequent travelers and campers.

Vehicle Dimension

With its length of 4720mm and width of 1900mm, it exudes with spacious interior and flexible body. With a wheel-base of 2745mm which provides better maneuverability and stability.

Large Wheel Hub

Jetour X70 has 20 inch aluminum alloy wheels that are lightweight, with higher firmness, faster heat dissipation and good aesthetics. It also contributes to lower fuel consumption and provides higher driving safety.

Ultra-wide Field Panoramic Sunroof

Its 1.1 m2 ultra wide field panoramic sunroof ensures broader vision, great day lighting, and good ventilation.

36 dB Ultra-silent Environment

The X70 has a 36 dB ultra-silent environment, creating a cabin that is as quiet as a library.

Second Generation Engine

When it comes to its engine, it is quality-assured, eliminates any reservations and an absolute time saver. This car is equipped with the second-generation engine independently developed by Chery; the total weight of this engine is reduced by about 8kg (i.e. a decrease rate up to 10%), the thermal efficiency is greater than 30% in most working conditions, and the maximum thermal efficiency is up to 37.1%. It is exported to 11 countries, with the power 8% higher than that of peer products, and the fuel consumption reduced by 5%. The long warranty gives a safe and secure driving.

Multi-link Independent Suspension

A vital safety feature of X70 is its multiple-link independent suspension with stabilizer bar. The multi-link suspension not only ensures a comfortable ride, but also improves the tire adhesion due to the large number of links. It plays a vital role to guarantee a safe drive, and has become an excellent feature of Jetour X70.

High Safety Factor EPB+AUTOHOLD

The intelligent AUTOHOLD function allows the rear wheel to be automatically braked when the vehicle is stopped at a red light or parked on an uphill or downhill slope. The driver won’t have to step on the brake all the time to keep the car still even if the automatic transmission is in D-mode. The Auto Hold function will be activated as soon as the “AUTOHOLD” button is pressed, and a gentle step on the accelerator will release the brake. This smart feature completely dispels the worry of hill-start sliding.