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‘Crossover specialist’ Jetour girds for PHL debut

March 30, 2023
THE CAT is out of the bag. Another automotive marque has just thrown its hat in the already uber-competitive local market. That means even more options for a market already spoiled for choice.

To be formally launched at the Manila International Auto Show this summer is Jetour, which (for now, at least) exclusively makes crossovers of various sizes. The brand is controlled by Chery Holdings Group which, of course, also owns Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. On its global website, Jetour explained its name thus: “JET + TOUR, meaning convenient + travel, translate literally as ‘convenient travel.’ (This) corresponds to (its) Chinese name.”

Jetour’s Philippine operations will be spearheaded by a couple of young mavericks: 31-year-old Yves Jovicci Licup as president, and Michael Goho (aged 33) as vice-president. Their surnames are definitely familiar to automotive observers as these are attached to multi-brand empires Autospeedygo and the Gateway Group.

“It was offered to us, so we called on a few investors and collaborators,” said Mr. Licup to “Velocity.”

Meanwhile, Jetour Managing Director Miguelito “Lito” Jose, an industry veteran with more than three decades of experience, revealed that three products will be initially made available at launch. We have confirmed that one of these will be the Jetour Dashing, the brand’s flagship product, powered by 1.5-liter engine and highlighted by a 2.7-meter-long wheelbase, futuristic styling, and tech accoutrements.

“Jetour prides itself in having a “travel-plus-leisure-plus-tech” concept. Our unique value propositions include very competitive pricing which will see our comfortable crossovers priced as, say, a subcompact sedan,” continued Mr. Licup.

Asked about the confirmed dealership locations, Mr. Jose revealed, “As of now, Alabang, Quezon Avenue, Cebu City, General Santos City, and Davao City are shoo-ins. But after news leaked about our launch, many parties — even non-automotive groups — have signified their intent to apply for a franchise. They want in because both Autospeedygo and the Gateway Group are known dealers/retailers, and that our way of going about this distribution business will have these dealers’ perspective.”

Mr. Goho also shared that Jetour Philippines is working to finalize a deal with brand ambassadors. “We are focusing on the concept of traveling or journeys. That’s all we can say for now,” he said.

For more information, follow the brand’s Facebook page (Jetour Auto Philippines).